“You are a beautiful Drummer, Rebecca. You have a very good technique and I like your approach to playing. You have taste, and control of volume. I am very impressed.” - Colin Bailey

Upcoming Gigs
20-04-2018Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast (19:30)
21-04-2018Belfast Barge (22:00)
27-04-2018Bert's Jazz Bar, Belfast (21:00)
28-04-2018The Windrose, C/Fergus (22:00)
04-04-2018Bert's Jazz Bar, Belfast (21:00)
05-05-2018Maldron Hotel, L/Derry (18:00)
05-05-2018Central Bar, L/Derry (22:30)
06-05-2018Bert's Jazz Bar, Belfast (21:00)
07-05-2018The Great Hall, Magee, UU, L/Derry (19:00)
11-05-2018Bert's Jazz Bar, Belfast (21:00)
12-05-2018The Windrose, C/Fergus (22:00)
18-05-2018Bert's Jazz Bar, Belfast (21:00)
24-05-2018Horatio Todds, Belfast (21:00)
25-05-2018The Windrose, C/Fergus (22:00)